Image with campaign hashtag that says #AskDontAssume

Our stories

Our campaign encourages everyone to listen to disabled people and ask them what they want or need, instead of making assumptions.

Developed in partnership with disabled people. Read more about some of their experiences, and learn about what they want and need from you.


“Would you call someone able bodied ‘inspiring’ for just going about their business? Inspirational is a lazy compliment. I’m just a stand up guy who sits down.

I use my disadvantage to my advantage every day. Where my legs don’t work, my mind does. “

Image of a man called Ashley, sitting on a wheelchair. Ashley is wearing a t-shirt that says ‘Don’t push it, unless I ask you to.’


“I don’t want to relive my trauma every day for total strangers. It’s not that I mind sharing my story. I just want to be able to choose the context.

I do work as a motivational speaker. If you want to hear my story, you’ll have to pay!”

Image of a woman called Cat, wearing a t-shirt saying ‘One of a kind. Ask about me, not my scars.”


“My social media is about debunking stereotypes. People say ‘you’re not blind because you are looking at the camera.’

There is an element of ignorance out there. But there are also a lot of people who are actually hoping to learn.”

Image of a visually impaired woman called Claire, holding a cane. Claire is wearing a t-shirt that says ‘Can’t touch this - ask before guiding me.’

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